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December 28, 2011

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The Adventures of Cefa the Cat

MORE Adventures!

November 30, 2011

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Hello from Astro – Welcome to AstroWorld!

January 23, 2011

‘Hello’, from Astro the Alien.

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Astro Meets The Queen

January 22, 2011

‘Remember,’ she said, ‘you must be very polite.’

Well Mrs Astro need not have reminded Astro, because he was always polite, but this was a special occasion.  The reason Astro and Bobbo were both very excited was that they were going to meet The Queen!

Astro’s friend on Earth, Oliver went to a brand new school, which was situated very close to where Oliver lived in his house surrounded by its own green garden.  Today was a special day for the school because it was going to be officially opened by the Queen, and Oliver’s stories about Astro and Bobbo had impressed the headmistress so much that they had been invited to attend.’

‘Well, the Queen did not know quite what to do next, which is not very surprising since this was the first time she had met a pink and purple hoop-patterned, bobbly, ball like creature with one very large swivelling eye staring up at her.  And of course Bobbo did not have a hand that anyone could shake.  Bobbo however decided to help and he bounced up a little and bent one of his ear trumpets bashfully towards Her Majesty.  The Queen shook it gently and Bobbo gave a little ‘Squeeek’.

‘I wonder where that comes from?’ thought the Queen, but she actually said … ‘How very nice’.’

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Astro and the Moonbeams

January 22, 2011

Astro held the globe in one hand and holding the mirror in the other he carefully pointed it toward the globe; Oliver could see that the mirror was reflecting all the moonlight and bouncing it into the globe.  Astro was concentrating very hard to reflect all the moonbeams into the glass ball, concentrating so hard that Oliver could see he was sticking out his little blue tongue with the effort.  After about 5 minutes Astro stopped and examined the globe and they could both see it was glowing with a very pretty, speckled pale blue light.’

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Astro and the Habdabs

January 22, 2011

”The habdab gave an indignant ‘Squark!’ and fluffed out its feathers so it appeared twice as big and gave a big peck with its sharp beak at Jasper’s nose. ‘Woof,’ went Jasper as he dodged away.  But the habdab was having nothing of this and chased after poor Jasper pecking away as she went.  Jasper dodged this way and that and scampered off but then found himself in a corner of the garden caught between a hedge and a fence and could not get away.

‘Oh dear,’ said Oliver, ‘Jasper is stuck, he is going to get pecked to bits.’

‘Tiny little bits,’ added Astro helpfully.’

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Astro Visits Earth

November 18, 2010

Astro the Alien was sitting at the controls of his little blue and white saucer shaped spaceship when his ears wiggled and he realised he was exited.  Certainly one reason was it was the first time his cautious mother had let him fly off in his spaceship on his own; but the other was that he was heading for the mysterious planet Earth  …

…Astro was a jolly looking slightly plump figure with sparkling eyes and just four fingers on each hand; but it was clear that Astro was an alien because he was blue all over, even his spacesuit was blue.  He had a happy smiling face with three blue wavy hairs growing on the top of his slightly egg shaped head and he had small blue ears which wiggled when he was exited.’

And he was right to be excited  – he meets little Oliver and his family and together they fly off so Astro can show Oliver AstroWorld!

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Welcome to AstroWorld!

November 17, 2010

Thank You from Astro the Alien.

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