Astro Visits Earth

Astro the Alien was sitting at the controls of his little blue and white saucer shaped spaceship when his ears wiggled and he realised he was exited.  Certainly one reason was it was the first time his cautious mother had let him fly off in his spaceship on his own; but the other was that he was heading for the mysterious planet Earth  …

…Astro was a jolly looking slightly plump figure with sparkling eyes and just four fingers on each hand; but it was clear that Astro was an alien because he was blue all over, even his spacesuit was blue.  He had a happy smiling face with three blue wavy hairs growing on the top of his slightly egg shaped head and he had small blue ears which wiggled when he was exited.’

And he was right to be excited  – he meets little Oliver and his family and together they fly off so Astro can show Oliver AstroWorld!

Read ‘Adventures with Astro the Alien’  – to find out more … go to —

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