Astro and the Habdabs

”The habdab gave an indignant ‘Squark!’ and fluffed out its feathers so it appeared twice as big and gave a big peck with its sharp beak at Jasper’s nose. ‘Woof,’ went Jasper as he dodged away.  But the habdab was having nothing of this and chased after poor Jasper pecking away as she went.  Jasper dodged this way and that and scampered off but then found himself in a corner of the garden caught between a hedge and a fence and could not get away.

‘Oh dear,’ said Oliver, ‘Jasper is stuck, he is going to get pecked to bits.’

‘Tiny little bits,’ added Astro helpfully.’

Read ADVENTURES with ASTRO the ALIEN —  to find out where you can read more go to  —

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