Astro Meets The Queen

‘Remember,’ she said, ‘you must be very polite.’

Well Mrs Astro need not have reminded Astro, because he was always polite, but this was a special occasion.  The reason Astro and Bobbo were both very excited was that they were going to meet The Queen!

Astro’s friend on Earth, Oliver went to a brand new school, which was situated very close to where Oliver lived in his house surrounded by its own green garden.  Today was a special day for the school because it was going to be officially opened by the Queen, and Oliver’s stories about Astro and Bobbo had impressed the headmistress so much that they had been invited to attend.’

‘Well, the Queen did not know quite what to do next, which is not very surprising since this was the first time she had met a pink and purple hoop-patterned, bobbly, ball like creature with one very large swivelling eye staring up at her.  And of course Bobbo did not have a hand that anyone could shake.  Bobbo however decided to help and he bounced up a little and bent one of his ear trumpets bashfully towards Her Majesty.  The Queen shook it gently and Bobbo gave a little ‘Squeeek’.

‘I wonder where that comes from?’ thought the Queen, but she actually said … ‘How very nice’.’

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