Hello from Astro – Welcome to AstroWorld!

‘Hello’, from Astro the Alien.

Go to my other posts to read some samples of Astro’s Adventures  —  to find out where you can read more look below…

For UK readers it may be best to go to LULU for better postage rates — click here for LULU

I suggest readers in the USA and elsewhere link to  Amazon’s publishing arm, CreateSpace — click here for CreateSpace

However if you prefer, Astro’s adventures are also available via Amazon itself.

For  Kindle eBook format  — UK readers can click here

and readers in the USA and elsewhere  —  can  click here

For other eBook formats  — click here to download from Smashword

Best wishes – Trevor ….

PS – Also now available from LULU is  —-  ‘The AMAZING Adventures of Abigail and her MARVELLOUS Magic Bed’

and a further PS

Look out for MORE Adventures with ASTRO the ALIEN … also available on kindle Amazon CreateSpace and LULU



and for grown-ups …. look out for ‘Space Opera: On the Shoulders of Giants‘ – the adventures of Col. Jack Fortune and SpaceForce’

available on Kindle ! For just 99c or 99p !!

All my stories available on Kindle and epub (ie iPad) outlets for 99c/99p !!!


hope you get a chance to enjoy

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